My Meeting With Peter Jones – A few Lessons…

peter jones


I was placed as a runner up in a competition with Sage accounting software a few weeks ago, and was delighted to be told I would have the pleasure of spending an afternoon with prolific entrepreneur and dragons den start, Peter Jones.

To be shortlisted out of thousands of applicants was amazing, but to meet a man who has already done some of the things I aspire to do, was incredible.

Interestingly, having now read Peters book (Tycoon), I discovered Peter is a huge advocate of visualisation.

I learned about the art of visualisation myself when I read a book called the secret, which was recommended to me by a client of mine.

I find it fascinating that so many successful people (and I’ve read many of their books), talk about visualisation and getting CRYSTAL clear on your goals.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, earn more money, help more people – whatever it is, you need to get VERY clear about how you aim to do it.

What are you going to need to make it happen?
Will you need help from other people?
What barriers might you face and how will you plan to navigate them?

The next step, visualise how you are going to feel about it when you get there.
Are you more confident?
Do you feel more relaxed?
Where do you live? What do you do? What car do you drive?

All of these things come into the visualisation.

See, when you trick your brain into getting those feelings, you get a hint of what it may feel like to actually get there.

Ever felt your heart rate increase when you’re watching a horror film, even though there isn’t really a killer clown in your bedroom?

That’s the body responding to information the brain is telling it.

Control the mind and you start to unlock the secrets to success.

And THAT was my main takeaway.

Clarity and mindset.

I also learned plenty of strategic things, how to think bigger, where to look for opportunities to take out competitors or merge growing businesses. All was awesome to have on the shelf for a later date.

But for now, having the right mind to tackle things with confidence was all I needed.
Peter may have grown his telecoms business to £12 million in year 1 in 1998, but that was after he suffered some huge defeats in the early 90’s in a business crash. Meaning he had the experience to learn from.

I’m more prepared to be steady and plan small improvements that build the bigger picture. Then, when the time is right, the expansion will happen.

I also won another award at the Thurrock Business Awards a few weeks ago.
“Social Media Account of The Year”

Obviously someone has really appreciated the vast amount of valuable content we put out there from Supreme Being Fitness to help people get fit and improve their lives…


sm award




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