Why I Don’t Like To “Diet”

Dori Diet

Even the word “diet” for most people makes them shudder.
Bringing back  horrible memories of days gone by, forcing some form of weird concoction down their throat as they gag at the smell of it.
Or sitting in a slump over another chicken and broccoli meal, crying into their tupperware as they feel a “failure” for not being able to stick to their “diet.”

But what if there was another way?

What if there was a solution to the problem that allowed a more sustainable approach to dieting in the long term.

See, the image above of Dori, is so close to being accurate.

What is everyone’s first thought when they go onto a “diet”?

Usually it’s – “I wonder when the next time I get to eat delicious food or a “treat” is?”
I like to call this big red button syndrome.
Characterised by the fact that when you tell someone DO NOT press the big red button, suddenly they have a huge urge to push the big red button.

Well, I liken this to the term DIET – in the sense that as soon as I tell you “Whatever you do, don’t eat chocolate!” Tell me the first thought that just come to your mind?

– it was chocolate wasn’t it?

See what happened, I brought chocolate into your consciousness, meaning it will fizzle around in your brain the whole time you are on this diet.
Kind of like an internal mental torture.

This is how 99% of “diets” work.
They enforce rules and restrictions that can act as a little internal battle the whole time your inner child wants to rebel against them.

But let’s say that instead of saying “no chocolate” I was to say “monitor your chocolate intake”

Ok, so now I have your attention.

See, the main thing we need to get right in fat loss is energy balance.
More calories going out than there is coming in.
No I am not going to argue the law of Entropy within the human law of thermodynamics as we will be here all day. Let’s just say the leaders in science are still agreeing that calories in vs calories out is as accurate as it gets.

So, back to the chocolate.

Let’s say you were to include it within your diet.
But you still consumed the right amount of calories.
Ate the right amount of protein.
Consumed the correct fibre intake.

What if I told you that this chocolate would not make a tiny difference to your end results?

So now you don’t feel restricted or scared of the “diet” anymore, as you have learned that you can include pretty much anything, in moderation and as long as you hit your goals alongside it and get plenty of single ingredient nutritious foods.

See – it isn’t that scary after all, is it?

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