You Think I Am In It For The Money?


Personal Training can be a lucrative job for a lot of people…

The thought of earning £20-£45 per hour sounds fantastic when compared to the wide range of jobs that are out there at the moment.

But the idea that I may just be in this industry for the money bothers me.
So I thought I’d let you guys know a few things about me, so you can base a decision for yourselves, armed with a little insight into behind the scenes.
Also, maybe you can think about what your GOALS in life relate to, as I believe if they are only financial, your happiness will be short lived.

Anyway, onwards with the points…

  1. I served in the military. 
    If you know anything about the British Military, it is that they are not HIGHLY PAID soldiers. I joined for the experience, the skills, the discipline and just because it was something I wanted to say I did. Risking your life for £16k per year doesn’t sound to me like someone who is “here for the money” – but thats my observation.
  2. I am currently taking the lowest wage in my entire company.
    Yes you read that right. All of my staff are on a higher wage than myself, even though I am the director.  Yes we all know in business we speculate to accumulate and I don’t for one second forget that I shall reap the financial rewards one day. But that doesn’t get me mega excited. You know what does?
    Seeing the faces of a client who has got an amazing result and suddenly has a new found confidence.
    The way a client walks, talks, acts and just generally becomes a better person to be around, all due to their self-confidence and self-belief. THAT is what gets me up in the moonlight hours.
  3. I volunteer a lot of time to mentor kids.
    I won the Thurrock entrepreneur of the year in 2016 and it kind of just happened. As time went on, I started thinking – I won this award but I was never a “model” student. I was suspended 28 times from school, I was often disruptive, I had a crap attitude and was often confrontational when challenged. I wasn’t a “horrible” youngster, by any stretch of the imagination! But I was just a bit more challenging to teach than most of the others in my class (I was in the top set for most subjects). So I started thinking, how many young kids are there who maybe acting like I was, who won’t get the experiences and opportunities that landed my way to change things? Who is telling these kids its ok to fail at stuff so long as you are willing to try hard? Where does their internal motivation come from? Is there anyone they can resonate with? (little hint – kids don’t often resonate with most teachers). So part of what I do is give talks in schools with a view to changing the way a lot of kids will look at certain things. Maybe if I only impact 1 life in the room, I’m MORE than happy with that.
  4. I have run my business at break even (or at a calculated loss) for 4 years.
    I could quite easily remove a few staff tomorrow, put myself on a £55k per year wage and the business would still operate just fine. But that isn’t my goal. For my business to be able to help as many people as I believe it can to change their lives, I’m going to need the support of a solid team around me. To build a solid team, takes re-investment and playing the long game. See, I have this vision that SB FITNESS will one day be all over the UK. I am passionate about making that happen as I believe that gyms are just not helping people in the way they should. Gyms are popping up all over the UK at a startling rate, yet obesity is at an all time high – WHY? Because gyms don’t tackle that problem in my opinion. They help certain demographics to get in shape, but there’s often a bigger problem that requires professionals to help solve in the bigger picture. By re-investing what my company has, I know that we can really change the whole “GYM” model.


My goals are based around the people I am to help.
The clients.
The children.
All of which to make positive changes that can hopefully shape their lives.

So next time you think about your goals, have a little time to deliberate what your WHY is!

PS – DO NOT, for one second forget that serving yourself IS IMPORTANT. In fact, you should serve yourself first and no that is NOT selfish. On an aeroplane in an emergency, when you put an oxygen mask on, do you put it on you or your children first? Well, if you read the manual, you put yours on first, then the children’s.
Because if you don’t serve yourself first, you pass out trying to help them, result being everyone dies – which is not ideal.
Same thing in life (without the dramatic death obviously).
You need to serve yourself in order to allow you to serve those around you who you care about!

Now, go out and take 2018 with a relentlessness that says you are here to make a difference! I’ve got faith in every single one of you.

Happy new year!!!

Roice “Playing For Keeps” Gummer.


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