Why that 21 year old personal trainer can’t help you…

…because they probably just don’t get it.

See, life is fairly straightforward for most 21 year olds.

Work – Social-life – Exercise.

The balance of the three is often quite simple to maintain.

But as people get older, things change.

Having children will be one of the biggest factors.

Or maybe moving up in your career with more responsibility, which means more time is spent at work. Maybe even having your own company?

Either way, time gets harder to split between the work-social-exercise balance because your priorities change.

Wether that is right or wrong is up for debate. I’m from the school of thought that believes you should always find a way to look after your body, but I also understand that it gets harder to do.

The problem is, that 21 year old personal trainer probably doesn’t have the same experience of life that you may have.

They don’t get why you can’t go to the gym 5 times per week.

They don’t understand how you can’t eat 5 small meals a day.

They don’t understand why you often get stressed and throw in the towel when something happens.

But it’s not their fault, it’s just very hard to understand the problems of someone when the differences are so vast.

I can remember when I was 21.

Holy sh*t, life was easy. (And I spent my 21st birthday in Afghanistan by the way)

But I would get up at the break of dawn to train or coach, go about my day as I needed to, just looking after myself, even train or play sport again in the evenings if I wanted to. Maybe go out a few weekends without worrying about the children being looked after. My time was mine and that was that.

But now it isn’t.

I have two children and two companies.

My time is precious and always torn between where I need to be.

Occasions with my boys that I don’t want to miss out on occur regularly. Doctors appointments, starting school, starting to play sports, birthdays, Parties, the list goes on…

Now I’m not saying I can be at every single one, that would be impossible. I’m lucky enough to have an amazing partner who understands that…well, sometimes.

But then throw into the mix, cash flow forecasting, customer retention, training plans, nutritional systems, staff performance reviews, marketing performance, overheads…

You can see why time becomes a precious commodity.

Now here’s the big kicker – this is your life, so live with the hand you are dealt.

I’ve spent years learning a flexible nutrition system that allows me to eat around a busy lifestyle and include meals out or occasions.

I’ve managed to hone in on a training system that allows me to get stronger and leaner without spending hours and hours at the gym.

It’s not the 21 year old personal trainers fault.

I’ve been that trainer. Which means I’ve seen tons of my former clients get lean after 12 weeks with me then get fat again in the following 12 weeks because it was unsustainable. The system DID NOT WORK for them.

What I am saying, is spend the time to find a system that tackles problems relevant to you. A 21 year old personal trainer with shredded abs or an amazing bum isn’t always what you need.  If their system doesn’t understand your lifestyle, then I can promise you that your success will be short lived.

Ask the coach questions.

Tell them your barriers.

Find out if the coach can help overcome them.

“Personal” training is supposed to be just that – PERSONAL.

So if it doesn’t help to better your life and give you the end product you are looking for, don’t give up. You may just need to look elsewhere.



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