A Phrase I Learned In The Armed Forces…

…and one we can probably all apply to life, most days anyway.


In a nutshell, it means things won’t always be perfect or in your favour, but that’s the hand you are dealt so figure it out.

Today I got an experience of this, albeit a rather trivial task.

A new punchbag and stand had turned up at my Thurrock facility and I needed to fill the base with sand.

I didn’t have a funnel, a shovel or most things I could have done with.

The hole on the base to fill it up was tiny by the way. 

But I needed to get it done today.

So I improvised, grabbed an empty preworkout container to use as a scoop for the sand, made a funnel out of the cardboard box it arrived in and began filling it up.

Thats improvising, but it didn’t work.

The sand was a bit damp due to the recent rain, having been left outside, so was clumping together and blocking the funnel as I poured it in.

Enter the next phase, ADAPT.

After a few attempts, I discovered that if I shook the funnel with my other hand as I was pouring the sand in, it broke up the clumps and the sand went through easily. This meant I could do it a lot quicker and was able to fill the base up in about 20 minutes.

You may be thinking, “he’s lost the bloody plot and I’ve just read 5 minutes about bloody sand!”

– and whilst you are right, we can apply this to everyday life.

How often do you have to think on your feet and use the cardboard box instead?

How many times a day does it not go according to plan, so you have to give it a little shake to figure it out?

That’s perfect. That is problem solving.

That is winning!

Use the cardboard and give it a little shake!

I may make that my new company motto.

Have a great week amigos,

Roice “shake it to make it” Gummer




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