Wait, isn’t it 20% Training and 80% Nutrition?



I am keen to tackle this myth rather head on, which may involve me being a bit blunt.
So if you are of the snowflake mentality, probably best to not read this post. Or any other of my posts.
Likely best to delete me from your life totally and carry on being all snowflakey somwhere else.

If, however, an honest and to the point stance is ok with you, then please read on.

Ok, so the best way to tackle this BS of an equation.

Firstly, good training and a crap diet won’t get results.

Also, a good diet but crap training won’t get great results either.

To really nail it, you have to have both in check. Let me elaborate.

Instead of thinking that only ONE aspect of your life is to blame, its likely both of them if you aren’t seeing any changes. Hear me out.

Think of things this way,

50% Training
50% Nutrition

100% results.

If your training is only at 30/50 and your diet is only 10/50, that’s a total of 40% to your desired results. Not exactly great.

Let’s say your diet is always spot on accurate so scores 50/50, but your training is hit and miss so only scores 10/50. Meaning you are only 60% towards achieving your desired result. Again, far from the sought after 100%.

I am here to tell you now.
There is no smoke and mirrors.
You cannot “out-train” a bad diet.
You cannot “out-diet” being lazy and not exercising.

Eat good, nutritious food, that is within your macros.
Get off your ass and move as much as you can.
Repeat this process until you get into the shape you want to be in.

That’s the secret.

“But Roice, I have seen Rugby players eat a full fried breakfast and not get fat, how comes?”

This can be true in some cases.
Here is how.
There are often 18stone, at 10% bodyfat, train twice per day and play 2 games per week.
Meaning their body is a furnace for using energy and can handle a big intake of calories every day.
In fact, they often need it to perform.

But I can tell you, for a fact, that even pro athletes sometime gain fat and have to put measures in place to correct it.
Stuart Yule of Glasgow Warriors Rugby had mentioned how they handle players getting out of shape during the off season or whilst injured.

Yes, the law of thermodynaics applies to them, if they eat too much for what they need, they get fat.

Keep things simple.
Hit your macros.
Train hard and regulalrly.
Keep your other activity levels as high as you can.

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