I’m genuinely gutted!


So it turns out that I have got a herniated disk, as well as showing signs of degeneration in l4 and l5 in my lumbar spine.

I don’t know how bad yet as we’re waiting on the radiologists full report, but I can tell you the pain I am in signals to me it isn’t going to be great news.

So my training goals for this year have probably gone right onto the backburner.

Heavy squats and deadlifts are probably not going to happen for a long time. In fact, I’ve been advised to spend plenty of time lying on my front and resting for the time being.

I know I’ll struggle with the recovery, as being inactive is hard for me.

But, this is the situation of where I am, no point getting all frustrated and throwing my dolly out of the pram. That won’t help at all.

Instead, I’ve started planning my rehab training program for when I can be active again. I’ve Adjusted my diet. And have found some more books I can read and other things I can be working on while I am out of action.

See, life is going to throw things at you.

Sometimes when you really don’t need them (I travel to America for a 14 day cruise in two weeks time).

But when things turn to sh*t and it just feels like it’s all been a waste of time. That moment right there, what you do and how you handle it, will define your character.

So for me, a little bit of “suck it up princess” is what is needed right now.

I’ll be back. Just not anytime soon! 😐


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