Why Do I Squat 3 Times A Week?


Because I want stronger and bigger legs.

Thats it.

Thank you for reading…

ok I’m being facetious, but in reality it isn’t far from the truth.

In a world of people trying to create a pefect program of rest:work ratios and being worried about overtraining, people do get too caught up in it.

The word “over-training” gets thrown around all the time.

I can tell you now, your risk of overtraining is MINIMAL if you only train once per day.

Its more likely you’ll suffer from “under-recovery” as I call it. Basically, poor recovery protocols in the form of from food and training intensity.

In strength training terms;

Intensity = % of 1 Rep max.

Big movements like squats are awesome for not only getting strong as hell, but also getting lean!

If you have ever performed a high rep set of squats or a really heavy lower Rep set of squats you will know that they use a ton of energy!

fat loss = more calories out than calories in.

calories = energy

Therefore, I want to do movements where I use the most energy.

make sense really, doesn’t it?

my weekly training schedule is focused around bench press, rows, deadlifts, pull ups etc. All big, multi-joint movements (compound lifts).

If you want bigger arms, whilst getting leaner, train them regularly.

And I don’t mean bicep curls and tricep push downs on their own by the way. Your arms can usually can get a big response from heavy rows, pulls and pushing movements, done to a high intensity and with a good amount of workout capacity.

working capactity = how long you can sustain working under a certain intensity.

So do them three times per week if that’s what you want to see.

In a fitness world where minimalism is now fashionable, I’m telling you to do more work if you want to see a specific change. It’s that simple.

enjoy your weekends amigos,

Roice “do the work” Gummer.

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