Time is NOT your problem, your decisions are…

time problem


I had an experience recently that I wanted to share with you all.

It ties directly into situation based decisions and the different outcomes.

I had a MEGA busy day last week, I was running around here, there and everywhere getting things done. No stress thought, I expect and anticipate those days.

On my way back to our Essex facility I stopped off at a Takeaway place to grab a kebab.
I already knew what it was going to be.
Large chicken kebab.
Chilli sauce.

My go to for kebab places.

So I am standing there waiting for my order and this guy walks in.
Now, I DO NOT judge people. I want to make that very clear.

However, I am also a coach, so much like a hairdresser would probably notice things in peoples hair, I did notice that this guy was pushing 25 stone plus, minimum.

He said hello the guy behind the counter and continued with his order.

“One large doner kebab with garlic mayo, one large chips with cheese, one can of coke please. Oh, and a half pounder with cheese and burger sauce.”

I did some quick maths in my head and got to roughly 1800 kcals – a substantial amount in one hit. Probably more than this guy should be eating in one day if he wanted to lose weight.

I also discovered he wasn’t sharing with his partner as “she was out tonight”

Wow. This was full on self sabotage.

Now, this guy could be going through all kinds of things, so I don’t judge him as an individual, that’s not the point of this article.

Instead, I wanted to point out how we were both in EXACTLY the same situation, but both made a different decision that yields a different outcome.

My decision was based around looking after my body and knowing that I can still get a very enjoyable and healthy meal.

His decision – well, I wouldn’t even want to delve into it too much as I feel there are likely some really complex emotional struggles there. He was killing himself, no two ways about it.

Now, I can guarantee that if I was to have a chat with this guy, one of his barriers would be “having enough time” to eat a healthy diet. I hear this every single day and its the biggest load of bullsh*t that people say to themselves.

Time is not the problem.
As you can see that in this situation – (although it is the extreme scale.)
Both of us are in the same place.
Both have the same time available (in fact his food took longer).
Yet, two very different decisions made.

The moment we can stop using the “TIME” excuse and accept that we are just making bad decisions that don’t match our goals – we are on the road to success.

We need to accept our own truth people, its empowering and enabling.

Have a great week enjoying the sun,

Catch you later amigo,

Roice “Calling your BS” Gummer


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