What to do when going for dinner but you are “on a diet”…


I want to start off by saying this method will only work for flexible dieters. If you don’t know what macros are or how many you should be eating, this won’t work for you – and my piece of advice, start learning about food groups first!


I thought this approach may help people who struggle with sticking to their nutritional goals when a social event is on the calendar. Like a meal at a restaurant for example.

This evening I’m out for a meal for Roxanne’s (my partner) Grandads birthday.

I still want to be aware of my macros and calories. More so calories as it’s SO easy to overeat in just one meal out at a restaurant.

This gives me two options.

1 – get a chicken salad at the restaurant, avoid starters and desserts and drink water.

2 – plan my day in advance so I don’t end up screwed by the end of the day.

Now, I like to use a VERY simple method that doesn’t take too much planning.
It’s called, intermittent fasting.

Basically, I don’t start eating until 2pm today.

Not a single thing.

I’ll have a pre-workout drink prior to this mornings session so my performance isn’t affected. Then all I am allowed is tea and coffee (no sugar) until 2pm, at which point I’ll have a double scoop protein shake with oats.

All this means is the likelihood of me overeating in an 8 hour window is greatly reduced.

Eating 2,500 kcals in 8 hours is possible, but would be very mindless eating.

I’ll add the meal out to today’s macros early in the morning, just so I can be aware of what food groups I need to be careful of.

As I had guessed, I need to watch the carbs and fats and ensure I get enough protein around the meal.

There we go, it’s that simple.

Science wins again.

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