How To Spend Your Calorie Bank Balance…


Hey folks,
I put this email out to my subscription list last week and it got very good feedback.
It’s a simple way of explaining how flexible dieting works, which basically allows you to get leaner whilst eating cake and chocolate (no I’m not joking).

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I tried to explain it in terms that everyone could relate to, hope this can help you break any bad relationships you build with restrictive diets…

Sent 21st April 2017….

Hey,  I really think you need to read this.

I just made up a very simple way of explaining nutrition.

It literally just come to me, so I thought I would share it to help you avoid the YOYO effect.

Imagine your daily food intake as an opening bank balance.

You have a certain number of credits for protein.
A certain number for fats.
And a certain number for carbs.

When you choose to buy (eat) certain foods, you spend a certain amount of credits from the allocated amount of credits you have each day.

Let’s say you start a day with the following credits:

110g Protein
45g Fats
150g Carbs

Your goal is to end on 0 credits so you have spent all of your money (macros) wisely.

You have 2 sachets of porridge oats with 200ml of semi skimmed milk for breakfast.

You just spent 16g of protein, 44g of carbs and 9g of fat.
Meaning you now have left in the bank:
94g of Protein
36g of Fat
106g of Carbs

You get hungry mid morning, so have decided you fancy a snickers chocolate bar today – you don’t do this every day but today is one of those days where you decide you want one, so you eat one.

This bar has cost you 33g carbs, 12g fat and 4g of protein.

Meaning you now have left: 90g protein, 24g fat, 73g carbs.

See how this one chocolate bar didn’t “ruin your diet?”

You still have money left in the bank, so decide you want to balance your diet well by spending the rest of your money (macros) on vegetables and lean meats for dinner and lunch.

Low and behold, you finish the day bang on the money with 0 left in the bank and no feeling of debt (guilt).

Yes this kind of dieting works, its how ALL of my clients learn to get amazing results without binge eating and YOYO dieting.

It takes time to learn this process, but that’s why we have coaches on hand to answer any questions and set up the right credits (macros) for all of our clients, which we then adjust as they see results.

And there you have it.
No crazy miracle solution.
Just using science to get results and make life easy.

Give it a try.

Much love amigos,

Roice “The Macro-Maniac” Gummer

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