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Roices 1 year transformation

Back then I thought this was mustard.
Getting “shredded”, being a “machine” and getting stronger every day.
But people didn’t see what was ACTUALLY going on.
I was the most concious about how I looked. Still carry some of that today but am working on it.
I was steps away from eating disorders (secret eating is one of the early signs).
Lying to coaches and friends about what I had eaten. This is because I would HATE the thought of not being able to “tough it out” on a strict diet.
I mean, if I couldn’t even do it – how could I expect my clients to do it?
I had a poor relationship with Roxanne and my family as I was likely a moody b**tard all the time from the low calories. But they just don’t get it, they weren’t on my level….
If you said the wrong thing about me, I would probably kick off and cause a fight.
I thought that it was the career I wanted, because all of the glossy mags had shredded people in – so that must be the way to be successful right?
But who’s problems was I dealing with by doing this?
I would give a client a chicken and broccoli diet plan, an hours fasted cardio every morning and likely several sprint session each week – on top of their 1 hour weight training most days.
Because that was the only way to get in shape, because that is all I new that worked.
Anyone unable to commit to that just “didn’t want it bad enough”
My weekends were mainly stimulated by alcohol and possibly other things, because that is what all the lads did.
I look back and laugh at my former self, such a lot to learn.
I come from a whole new angle now, my focus is on my clients results and what THEY need to do, not me.
They need a realistic training schedule – 3 times per week usually.
They need a diet that can include meals out, and some of the “naughty” stuff but still deliver results. Plus some simple and amazing recipes.
They need to be surrounded by positive people, promoting positive body image, not mocking anyone for a lack of “dedication”if they don’t want abs.
It’s funny how different experiences change the way we look at things.
I think my car accident was my eventual realisation that I wasn’t willing to be that person if that was what it took to be successful.
So yea, there’s my thoughts for Monday evening.
Keep killing it everyone! Be you, Be happy,
Chase the dream, not the competition.

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