Ladies Often Tell Me – “I Just Can’t Figure Out Why I Am Not Loosing Weight”

I hear this daily.
As I am sure most trainers and coaches do.

“I am doing everything right, I am following the diet, training as we are supposed to, but I am not loosing weight”

One of two things are happening here:

1 – You are bullsh*tting

2 – You’ve not been shown how to check for TRENDS in weight loss properly.

Let’s start with the first point.

Plenty of people don’t realise the mistakes they make on an eating plan have an impact on the results they see.
That biscuit here and there, the bag of crisps you haven’t accounted for. All play a role in adding up to consuming too many calories. I prefer for my clients to be able to eat what they want, when they want, but track things so that they stay on task, but that’s my method.

Here is the science you need to get your head around –


No matter what science your coach tries to tell you, if you are not seeing inches go down or fat reducing then the amount of calories going in is too high.

We cannot undo the law of human thermodynamics – we just can’t!

It tells us that if we eat more than we burn every day, our body stores the extra energy as fat cells.
If we burn more than we eat every day, the body uses those fat cells to convert into energy to keep us able to go about our daily tasks.

If we find that whilst reducing our calories, we are tired, lethargic, struggling with motivation and can’t concentrate. We run the risk of something called metabolic compensation, in which case we should look at increasing our food intake gradually right back up, before starting a dieting process again.

I did a video on this whole subject, you can see it ——> HERE.

Now onto point number 2 !

Not knowing how to look for TRENDS in fat loss is something that can throw people off.

My weight can fluctuate as much as 5kg in ONE DAY! Honestly.

I actually filmed a video where I put on 3kg in 5 minutes by consuming a bottle of water on camera.

So if you weigh in one day and are slightly higher, that doesn’t mean its failed.
It just means that you are heavier at that specific moment in time.

Firstly, you should only ever weight in first thing in the morning, with an empty bladder and before eating or drinking. Just so it removes a few more variables.
But even then you will get dips and peaks.

You need to watch the trend over a four week period instead of thinking just one higher reading is a bad thing.
If in doubt, weigh in the next morning and the morning after and take the average.

Combine all this with the fact you should be checking other things, like physical changes, measurements, calipers or whatever method you choose to use!

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