Why you should NEVER start a FITNESS routine in January!

There is common trend that I will be mentioning again and again in this blog post, “the law of human conformity” – so it’s best I explain what that is first.

The law of human conformity is something we are all probably aware of, ever said the phrase “safety in numbers” – then this is human conformity, we know that if we are like everyone else, then we will not be singled out. It keeps us feeling safe.

But why does this make a difference for getting fit in January?

Let me explain.

Firstly, January is the same time that everyone starts a fitness journey, the New Years resolutions kick in, everyone is feeling crap after a heavy Decemer, and probably having a larger waist than they did 12 weeks ago.  So we all decide to go the gym together and get fit. This is the first sign of hum conformity.

So we get to the gym, and would you believe it? -it’s RAMMED!

You have to queue for EVERY machine.
No-one around you really knows what they are doing.
You end up on the same machines, barely breaking a sweat, so you head home after 45 mins.

Then all the “focused” people who started their journey in January are starting to faulter.
They get frustrated as they don’t see results.
Pretty soon they start telling you “work is getting busy” and they decide to throw in the towel.

And let’s face it – you do too!

We again look back at law of human conformity, which means if your surrounded yourself with people who are content to fail, you will do the same.

They will probably even start to mock the fitness people as “wierdos” as their own failures start to surface and the reality dawns that they are going to be fat again next Christmas.

So how do you break this?

SIMPLE – you need to surround yourself with a group of focused people who start in DECEMBER or are already doing well in their health and fitness journey!

You need to have people to call on when things get tough.

You need someone to teach you how to hold yourself accountable and make things happen!

You need a group of people who bounce positive energy off each other and are there to support each other every step!

This only comes from finding a private training facility near you, where members are important and not just cattle. It will cost you more money, but if you add up the money you’ve wasted and got nowhere, I’m sure you will agree it’s worth it.

Be an action taker, break the mould and do it TODAY!

You can find out about my own private facilities in Surrey and Essex here: http://www.supremebeingfitness.com



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