You need to STOP DIETING – No, this isn’t a play on words – REALLY!

So it’s been my birthday weekend the last few days and its been pretty manic here.

I’ve had so much cake and chocolate.

I’ve turned 26, which means I am now officially closer to 30 than 20.

I’m not sure who I need to speak to about this, but I am not ok with this, I do not want to be a grown up just yet.

But, I digress…

Do you have that friend who just seems to stay slim no matter what they eat?

I mean, some of them do eat crap, yet seem to maintain a reasonable shape year round –
and they don’t seem to do any exercise either – HATE those guys, right?

Then you have another friend, or even yourself, who has dieted again and again and again,
yet it seems that you have ONE day off a plan and the weight jumps on like crazy.

Well, there is a reason for this.

You see, unknowingly, that annoying constantly slim person has managed to maintain their metabolic efficiency..
meaning they have never put their body into too bad of a calorie restriction,
so their body is happy to not need to store body-fat.

Whereas that repeat dieter, the VERY first time they started a diet,
you can bet they were probably causing metabolic upset and shutting down their metabolism…
which means they may have lost weight for so long, but when they resumed a “normal” eating pattern,
BOOM – 1 stone on in a few weeks.

There is the problem in itself!

“A DIET” often has a start and end date attached to it.

“Oh I am going to do the XYZ diet for XZY weeks before my holiday.”

– Ok, let me stop you there. That is the problem.

You are putting a temporary fix in place,
to temporarily lose weight,
then temporarily be happy and confident.
Pretty soon followed by a binge,
a rocket in weight,
a plummet in self confidence,

And the whole thing just seems a big waste of time.

So what do you do?

Well, you just start the diet again to lose weight!

Can anyone else see the vicious cycle that happens here?

The more diets that happen, the harder the body fights back,
the more fat your body will store, and the harder you have to work to try and lose it.

Until you get to the point where you eat 800kcals a day and still won’t drop a lb of fat.

Sounds miserable to me, don’t you think?

But there is another way.

Adopt a healthy eating lifestyle that allows you to eat out and enjoy a variety of foods, all whilst sticking to a plan.

My coaching all revolves around LIFESTYLE fitness, not Mickey Mouse chicken and broccoli diets.
I used to be that coach, but I have learned and moved on!

Want to know more about food and dieting behaviour?

Then you need to watch my live Facebook video in a few weeks,
where I will be joined by leading WEIGHT LOSS PSYCHOLOGIST, Kim Synclair, owner of KSL counselling.

We will be talking about the deep struggles people face with dieting and why it keeps happening again and again!

You can view the event by CLICKING HERE.

Mark yourself down as attending so it goes into your calender, and I will be there to answer all of your questions LIVE, FOR FREE!

Speak soon amigo, hope you are enjoying the nice weather too 🙂

Oh, and here is a FREE downloadable healthy minted lamb burger recipe!

Just to show you that eating well does NOT have to be boring…


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