Why exercising more and eating less doesn’t work – THE SCIENCE!



Now this title will confuse a lot of people right away and probably go against what 99% of the public believe to be true. Let me start by saying, the Eat Less Exercise More (ELEM) method WILL work, but only for a short period of time, at which point it leave you in a very tricky situation to get out of!

Let me explain..

So 99.9% of coaches out there will opt for a simple equation when I comes to fat loss:

Less Calories in and more Calories out – fat loss.

This method is called the ELEM approach. Now this approach will see a positive response from the body initial, it will loose some fat, fitness will increase and everything seems rosey – until the body’s compensation response kicks in.

See, people view metabolism as a calculator; weight, age, height, activity levels etc all tell you what you need to eat in order to loose weight – problem is, the body is not a calculator, it is more like a thermostat.

The body has several response mechanisms that preserve its energy stores (fat) and make sure they stay in check. The harder you push against your metabolism, the harder the body will work against you. And trust me, the body will always win. It sends out signals that prevent you exercising and make you eat more; your energy levels crash, your mood changes, your cravings become unbearable, you become demotivated, depressed and then your  metabolism declines. This is your hormonal system lowering your leptin levels, which suppressed your thyroid and causes adrenalin to slow down. Al of this is to save the body from entering starvation.


This is NOT a theory, this is a scientific fact, in truth it’s one of the most agreed scientific fact in weight loss; the process is called adaptive thermogenesis.

We’ve all heard it before:

“I’ve been sticking to my diet but I’ve just stopped loosing weight and feel so tired all of a sudden.”

A solution that only helps yo for 8-10 weeks is not a solution, it’s a temporary fix that will leave you in a bad position at the end of it – and yet the fitness industry seems built on it!

For sustainable fat loss you need to have two things  place; CALORIE DEFICT AND HORMONAL BALANCE!

The ELEM model fails this because it causes calorie deficit but has a very bad effect on hormonal balance – I have seen this first hand!

The first two thing I would do to prevent this are:

1 – Increase or maintain your lean muscle tissue.

This can be done through exercise and keeping the body in positive nitrate balance with a high protein diet – but that’s a whole different article.

2 – Cycle your diet.

Keep your calories moving fro time to time; your body is adaptive and responsive. To keep seeing changes you need to keep the metabolism fired up.


Any questions? Pease post them in the comments!


Next time I’m going to speak a little about how why hormones can directly effect your stubborn belly fat!
Happy training folks!


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