Why I think most busy Ladies give up on their fitness goals.


Having built a stellar reputation for changing busy women’s lives in Thurrock, I can say, ego aside for a moment, that I have learned A LOT about why
people give up on themselves.

I know that its not always easy – far from it. Whether its juggling a demanding job, children, a partner (I know we can be demanding too), social lives (if you’re lucky) and trying to fit in some time to better your health and fitness.

Something has got to give right?
But surely your own state of mind, health and fitness should come first, yes?

Let’s play out a little scenario,  you are sitting at home after a hard day at work or being a mummy, the kids are in bed, and you FINALLY have a moment to think to yourself, ahh peace and quiet. Out of nowhere, the thought of your physical appearance pops into your head, usually just as your about to dunk your fifth chocolate digestive biscuit into your cup of tea.

And if you are honest – you are not happy with how you look in one way or another.

Maybe you have tried all the diets and they don’t seem to work.
Maybe you have been to the gym and tried exercise and that also didn’t really work.
So you begin to question if you should even bother…

…and you start to get frustrated.

You think – “you know what, I’m going to do something about this, this time I mean it.”

So you don your running trainers and sweat pants and you hit the pavement or the gym for a few weeks.
You keep your diet as “clean” (whatever that means) as possible.You avoid all the foods you love and meals out, takeaways etc.
Your social life takes a hit as your new found love for fitness starts to take over.

And three weeks later – you still look exactly the same, HOW??!

So, what happens then?

9 times out of 10 – you give up!

With no-one there to call on for support, advice, a re-jigg of your plans or approach. You think, “sod it, it’s obviously not working” and so you give up on yourself.

I’ll best honest with you right now, the very thought of that makes me so sad!

That frustrated person who just wants to see a positive impact, for herself, for her health, for her partner, for her children and for her confidence.

And its right there for her, if you had the right guidance!

Thing is, I know you are worth so much more than that – and I know how to change your life – genuinely.

I am not a cheesy American advert promising you the world with a crazy product that helps you drop 2 stone in 7 days.

I am a TRANSFORMATION COACH – which means I specialise in helping ladies like you recognise your potential and your worth, through showing you results!

I know how to build sustainable plans – like my flexible diet recipe book!
I know how to set a schedule you can ACTUALLY stick to – training only 3 times per week!
I know how to make changes when things stop working or we reach plateaus.

If you already know me, you will probably be aware that I won the Thurrock Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2016 – why is this relevant?

Because a group of BUSINESS MINDED PEOPLE looked at the systems I have created and were so impressed by the level of service and structure we offer to our clients!

If you do not know me, then I guess I could just be another fitness pro promising all the things that didn’t work for you before.

So I am reaching out a challenge to you!

I will offer you a ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL to attend my Supreme Body Training Camp!

You can attend the training sessions,
Will be provided with a sample meal plan and recipes,
Will be put in a direct support Whats App group that is managed by myself.

And will  get a full weeks experience of why the busy ladies of Thurrock are coming to me to make changes.
Right now I say to you, what do you have to loose? – Except that unwanted bit of fat that sits around your belly or legs?

Just CLICK HERE and you be directed to my short application form.

I really hope you give me the opportunity to show you something truly amazing.

At SBTC Thurrock, we are more than just a group of fitness people, as my clients call it, we have an SBTC family – and families stick together!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Oh, just quickly – here’s a pic of our SBTC family enjoying our Christmas party in 2015, 6 months after we were born!

training camp xmas


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