Confused about fat loss?

Hi guys,

So, today I’m going to talk a little bit about a subject which I get asked every single day, without fail!

And it usually goes something like this…

“I’m doing loads of exercises and eating right but I’m just not loosing body-fat, why?”

Well, don’t go destroying your scales like this poor gal!


There is a simple two answers I can give, which you would need to change to see results.

1 – your diet

2 – your activity levels (exercise output on a daily/weekly basis)

If these two things are not as they should be, your body will NOT burn body-fat, mainly because there is no calorie deficit. To put things simply, no calorie deficit = no fat loss, period!!

So this is the case when people usually say, “but I only eat a very little amount, so surely I should be loosing fat?”

Again, not necessarily.

See, the body is a very clever thing indeed. It can adapt to the most strenuous of situations and can be trained to cope with a tremendous amount of abuse and still perform at critical moments. However, the body is most happy when it is in a state called homeostasis; basically the point where not many changes are happening and everything is at balance. Yes, your body does NOT want to loose body-fat, I mean, why would it? It has an ample supply of energy sitting there, ready to use as and when it needs to, it keeps us warm, and plays a vital role in hormone balance and various other bodily functions. The problem with eating a very little amount of food is that over time, the body will reach that homeostasis at a low calorie intake. Then when your calories increase for a certain length of time, your body will have a fat-storing field day with all that extra spare energy units its getting.

In order for your body to get rid of that precious body-fat, it needs to be placed into a situation where it has no choice; sustainable calorie deficit!

Calorie deficit occurs when your body requires more calories to carry out your daily activities than you actually consume in food. It’s when this process occurs that the body will use the stores of fat as energy. However, should the calorie intake be too low, and your body will use everything including muscle tissue as an energy source! Leaving you looking more like an old marathon runner than a bikini queen, it also causes a huge amount of damage to your bodies matabolism as it seeks to find homeostasis at a low calorie intake…

So whats the answer?

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