Weight loss – is it what you really need?


As a personal trainer, ‘weight loss’ is a term that I come across on a daily basis. Wether it’s a client telling me about their results or goals, or even just a general enquiry. I can pretty much guarantee that ‘weight loss’ is a term I will see every day.

Now the problem with this phrase lies within the actual wording itself. The idea of simply losing weight would indicate that someone would only have to watch the scales to get a good representation of how their body is changing. And quite simply, this isn’t accurate! A very simple but effective method i use to explain this to my clients is as follows;

Think of a 1.5 L bottle of water. Now think of the weight of that bottle when its full up. If you were to step on the scales, note your weight, then step off and drink the whole bottle of water and step back on, your weight would have changed. This is a good way of showing that your hydration level can play a huge role in what the scales tell you. The weight from the bottle of water hasn’t suddenly vanished, it is being carried within your own body. And always remember, your weight is a massive variable depending on many factors. This is why we use body measurements and skinfolds when taking a body fat percentage.

The body measurement method involves the use of a tape measure and taking measurements from four different points on the body. This will often allow us to see as and where changes are being made. Again, this method isn’t wholly accurate as it doesn’t necessarily account for hypertrophy. And this is where we use the skin fold measurements. A skinfold measurement allows us to test the subcutaneous fat which lies under the skin in various locations. Combining this method with monitoring body weight and circumferential measurements is the most accurate way of noticing and recording body composition changes.

We will be posting a video very soon to show you exactly how to take the measurements using both of these methods. We hope you find this useful troops!

Happy training and see you soon!!

Roice Gummer,
Transformation coach.

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