Fat Loss training, Men & Women – is there a difference?

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Hi Troops.

So I’ve been looking into doing some writing for various fitness magazines for both men and women to add another string to my bow. Therefore, naturally I’ve been reading them as much as possible to get a feel for the type of content they all show. And I’ve started to notice common trends in the type of things I read and what audience they are aimed at. I’m sorry to say this girls, it does seem that a lot of you are being lied to.

The most common exercise plan I read in the women’s magazine is something that will involve the use of the abs (belly) in various lying or standing positions and none of which seem to talk much about intensity. Now, if you have a fairly low bodyfat and are just looking to sculpt or perfect certain areas then these moves may be perfect for you. But if your looking at losing weight to get the leaner look in the first place – you can do sit ups and abs twists all day long, your not going to get anywhere! It seems a lot of women’s magazines like to promote the “easy approach” or the “quick-tricks” as though there is some hidden secret way of getting a flat belly without working your butt off for it – let me tell you now girls, there isn’t! Take these two introduction statements below, one is from a very popular men’s fitness magazine that talks all about intensity and hard work, where as the woman’s magazine actually says you can do it in front of the TV.

Women’s Mag:
“Here’s a few simple moves that you can do indoors in front of the TV. These super-effective moves are designed to help you look good and beat belly fat. They’ll lengthen and strengthen your body and help you shed excess body fat.”

Men’s Mag:
“Blow out your upper body and bulk up fast with these 5 moves”

The women’s magazine uses words like “simple” and “super” to describe their moves.  I also noticed the use of the phrase  “to help you” TWICE! Indicating to me that by using this workout alone, they know full well its not going to help you drop any weight. It would seem woman’s magazines are much more keen to market on a simple workout that “may help” you to reaching your weight loss goals.

On the other hand the men’s magazine uses words like “Blow out” and “fast” all geared towards actually working hard to get results. And if I’m honest, the men’s magazine is a lot more accurate in its approach, which seems to be the case more often than not. Although I can appreciate women don’t want “bulging biceps” or to “smash your bench press PB”, they do want to get results, and this isn’t achieved by lying on the floor doing your best impression of a fish out of water.

Don’t get me wrong, the core moves that the women’s magazines promote are VERY useful, and they will strengthen your core and help to improve posture etc. But their use in terms of losing bodyfat – none, or very little. The woman’s magazines should be concentrating on teaching its readers how to effectively squat, dead-lift and perform HIIT, not reverse crunches and sit ups. Its common sense that performing a few sets of sit ups is not going to use as many calories as performing a full body interval session or sets of bodyweight squats and lunges – and none of them require any equipment and you can do them all in your living room.

Girls and guys, if you really want to see what kind of things you should be doing indoors, have a look at our workout at home plan in the members only section on our website.  www.SupremeBeingFitness.com

Or get yourself over to one of our sessions!!

Hope you enjoyed reading troops, remember, understand it, apply it and reap the benefits!!

Much love,

Hopefully see you all at a session soon!

Transformation Coach.
Supreme Being Fitness Team.

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